Hello Team;

Here is a story of a 12 year old girl who came to see me . Both her, and her mother were frustrated, and fed-up with this rash that wouldn’t go away for 3 months.

She had been on prednisone, antibiotics, and antihistamines to name a few of the medications which had been prescribed to her, to “Stop” the rash.

When I saw her, I explained “my philosophy is to get to the root of the problem”.  Why is this happening?  What is your body trying to tell us here? After talking for awhile, I made the following recommendations for the next 4 weeks.

  • No sugar
  • No dairy
  • No eggs

The first response was, “Oh she doesn’t eat any sugar”.  I smiled and said “you don’t have to put in any extra sugar…the food companies are doing it for you.”

I gave them a list of all the different names of sugar which I call ” where sugar hides” (which I will post next time). I asked them to come back and see me in one week for follow-up,  just to check in and see how the journey was going. So, off they went.

At the follow up I asked how she was doing, and she said “a lot better”. Her mother said when they went shopping, they were amazed how many products had sugar in it. It was astonishing to see the improvement in just one week and the glow in her eyes.

The best part of this story is the birth of a new dream.  She shared with me that she always wanted to be a chef, and her sister’s birthday is coming up.  Her goal is to make a cake without sugar.

I cast a further vision, and let her know that she could start playing with recipes, possibly write a cookbook that uses no sugar . We need more young entrepreneurs that are going to help our youth.

We would love to hear your story, and if you have any sweet recipes that don’t contain sugar, they would be appreciated.

Your friend,


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Breaking News! Dancing can burn calories, so we gave it a try; Go ahead, ok to laugh, it’s good for the heart. Whoop Whoop… >>>>>>> >>  ( log-in to facebook to watch)  


Gangnam_Style_PSY_31logo (Photo credit: KOREA.NET – Official page of the Republic of Korea)

Has anyone not heard of Gangnam Style? It’s the hottest dance craze since the Macarena. It’s lighting up talk shows and living room dance parties from coast to coast and around the world as this South Korean hit makes everyone want to get up and shake their booties. Especially the sexy ladies.

If you haven’t stepped away from YouTube and actually done (or at least attempted) Psy’s Gangnam Style dance, maybe you should. There’s a good 200 calorie burn waiting for According to the  (ACE), “you can burn approximately 150-200 calories per half hour, which is similar to other forms of aerobic dance.” The calorie burn varies, like any other workout, on the weight of the person and the intensity at which it is performed.

Remember, we’re all sitting too much. The sitting? It’s killing us. The dancing, it will save us in more ways than one. It’s a fun way to burn fat without thinking or feeling like you’re having to exercise. The kids can get involved which just means more fun family time together. And it’s also a tremendous way to destress, unwind, and give yourself a mental refresh.

Enjoy life and go ahead; Have a Laugh, it’s good for you…

your dancing friend; Dr.Isabel

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Hello and welcome back;

What fuels anger?


  • When someone hurts your feelings…
  • When life doesn’t go your way…
  • How about when someone lets you down…

Usually anger grows from unforgiveness. Not forgiving someone for hurting you can make you very ill. A lot of stress related diseases are based in unforgiveness; like heart attacks, depression, and panic attacks to name a few.

Not forgiving someone is like you taking poison and expecting the other person to die from it.  With all due respect to the pain that you have endured , you are the one who dies a slow death. I can give you a personal account from my life.

My dad was an alcoholic . We grew up walking on eggshells around the house. I remember when I was around 9  years old he started to have a loaded rifle in the bedroom ( we grew up in USA). It was ugly and it was scary.

When I turned 11, I decided in my young heart that my father did not qualify to be my father. I felt let down, hurt and abandoned. Then the anger seed set in and grew thick long roots deep into my heart. The fruit from that big tree was unforgivenss, fear, shame to name a few.

I was angry and my unforgiveness, was like me drinking the poison and expecting to have my father hurt.

God brought a dear women into my life, when I was 46 years old.  She asked me when was the last time I had talked to my father.  Soon I realized it had been about 12 years ( I used to really close off people who hurt me). Luckily for me , this lady had the and recommended for me to call dad and forgive him.

I was very teachable and very motivated at that point in my life to become “UnAngry”. I called dad, told him I forgave him, and that I loved him. Two weeks later he passed away.

You know when you have truely forgiven someone when the thought or presence of them does not stimulate ideas of pain or injury to them. After I forgave dad, I had a weight lifted from my heart and now when I think about him, I see a very hurt and troubled soul, that I really loved because he was my dad.

I work with a lot of abused women and children. It is important to get yourself into a safe enviroment. However afterwards, when you are safe and you begin to heal, look and see if you are angry. If you are, then needs to occur, so you don’t die from anger and bitterness.

I did it and I believe you can too.  I’d enjoy hearing your comments and stories.

Your friend,


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Hello my friends;

The title seems like an oxymoron, however I have just been educated on a product that is a healthy . Before I explain lets look at the candy industry.

Candy is a $30 billion industry per year just in the USA. It is growing at a rate of $16 billion per year. There is one place though that the rate of junk food has decreased and that is New York City.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg has restricted access to junk food by banning items that slow down your metabolism like trans-fats.

In America alone, Type 2  pre-diabetes and  diabetes in teenagers has gone from 9% to a massive 23% over an 8 year period. This use to be an adult disease. Now we are seeing it in our children. And we know that when kids get type 2 diabetes, it is more aggressive and does not respond to medications as well. Around the world, we are headed for a Tsunami of Childhood and Teenage Diabetes.  I know one thing as a doctor, we are not prepared for this.

We know that sugar promotes obesity.  We also know that obesity promotes . Both of which are completely preventable. Yet the food industry heavily advertises the worst quality foods to our children in the form of processed foods.

Did you know that the worldwide sale of processed foods (those containing corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oil, artificial ingredients, preservatives, and other chemicals we can’t even pronounce) has hit $3.2 trillion?  That is $3,200,000,000,000. That is a bit of junk food.

What is it going to take to “unjunk” the junk food that our kids want to eat?

That leads me to the story of a 13 year old teenager by the name of Nicky Bronner. Nicky came home from Halloween one year with his pot of gold.  The next day it had vanished.  His parents had tossed it into the bin, because “It isn’t good for you.”

Next Nicky went on a mission to show his parents that junk food wasn’t bad for you and what he found was that his parents where right. So he asked a question; ” Why does the junk food we love, have to be so bad for us?”  What he found was, that the worst parts of the candy (corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors, preservatives and hydrogenated oils) weren’t there to make the candy taste good . They were there to make it cheaper to produce.

As a result , http://getunreal.com, was created. Their candy duplicate the real thing like Snickers, Reese’s, MilkyWay, M+M’s and Peanut M+M’s .

They contain:

  • No
  • No Partially Hydrogenated Oil
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • No ‘s (genetically modified organisms)
  • No Preservatives
  • A Lot less sugar ( but not less than an orange)
  • No Chemicals
  • More protein and fiber

The best part is they are available at regular stores, not just at expensive health food stores , and at the same low prices. Right now in the USA they are at 30,000 check out counters.

The goal of course is not to eat more junk food. It is for everyone to wake up and pay attention to what they are putting into their precious bodies.  More importanty, to wake up the Big Food Co, to act more responsibily and use products that will not hurt us.

It is amazing what can happen when our youth are allowed to be creative.

Your friend,


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Hello friends; Have you ever bought, ordered, or received a product or service that under-delivered, or just wasn’t what it was supposed to be?

I’m sure that has happened to all of us at one time or another. And when it does, the experience can be frustrating, and sometimes costly. The idea of this Blog; let’s remember that whatever we do in Life, It’s always better to overdeliver and leave people with a “WOW factor feeling”.

Ok, to demonstrate what I’m talking about, here’s a funny story that happended to my husband, Michael, this past weekend. Wasn’t costly, but Oh it was funny!

We were invited to join some friends to an evening of blind (no-looking) wine tasting, along with platters of great food. The evening was well planned out by the hosts with many wines to taste, and a fun competition based on correct number of guesses per wine. Everyone had a wonderful time, and as the evening was coming to a close, the final was “desserts”. My husband Michael (who is a Chef) asked a young lady next to him if she had baked the cake he had spotted. She said,”yes, I made the carrot cake”. Michael noticed that she looked at her husband and kind of smiled. While this couple was in the kitchen talking, Michael had the first piece of the “carrot cake”. He looked at it, thinking something didn’t look right, then took his first bite. He innocently said to the carrot cake lady, “did you forget the carrots”? The couple burst out laughing, and confessed the wife had forgotten to put the carrots in the carrot cake. I know, you had to be there, but let me tell you, everyone was in tears laughing about the Carrot-less carrot cake. An innocent mistake, very funny, however the finished product wasn’t what was to be delivered.

Have you ever had someone or something under-deliver for you?  What makes you frustrated when it happens?

love to hear from you…

your friend; Dr. Isabel

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Insomnia smiley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome back my friends:

Let’s continue on with our discussuion about a good night sleep.

3. What to eliminate that interferes with your sleep;

  • alcohol : If you need to have a drink, then I recommend you have it 2 hours before  sleep to decrease the negative affects.
  • chocolate
  • caffiene such as coffee and tea
  • headache medications that have caffeine in them
  • antihistamines
  • cold medications
  • steroids
  • sleeping tablets used for insomnia ultimately lead to dependence and completely disrupt your sleep rhythms.

4. Exercise helps you sleep better

Studies have shown that exercise proves to be a healthy, safe, inexpensive and simple means of improving sleep. However limit physical activity to morning and afternoon, since evening exercise can make you feel alert rather then sleepy.

5. Hot water bottle to warm the belly area.

6. Get a message or stretch before bed to nice quiet music.

7. Write down your worries. When I am consumed with a worry I write it down. Here are guidelines for my journaling which I hope you find helpful;

  • I don’t analyze, question or filter what I write. I write down any and all thoughts that come out. There is nothing politically correct here. This is for my eyes only.  It’s about getting it out of my head and onto paper so the truth comes out.
  • I write until I get an answer. There is no time limit! I write until the issue is complete.  I know it is complete because I have a sense of relief, excitement, peace or even laughter, depending on the situation. Give it a go.

8. Herbal Therapies.

  • Try 300-600mg or 320-480 mg 1hour before bed.
  •  Chamomile tea

9. Melatonin is a hormone produced by your pineal gland in your brain. In a study done in the Journal of Circadian Rhythms, they evaluated 86 shift work nurses with . When one group took 5 mg of melatonin 30 minutes before bed, their insomnia significantly decreased  and improved sleep quality compared to the placebo group.

10. Take 200-400 mg Magnesium citrate or magnesium glycinate before bed. This relaxes the nervous system and muscles. If you tend to  get constipation use magnesium citrate.  If your tendency is to have loose bowel movements then magnesium glycinate if best for you.

The goal is to get into the healthy habit of a good deep .  You will be amazed at how fresh and alive you will feel when you wake up .

Sleep well.

Your friend, Isabel

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Hello Healthy Team;

How would you like to learn how to sleep better and lose weight?  Great, that is what we are going to focus on: Good Sleep Hygiene with resultant weight loss. Yipee!

Before we start we need to have a quick hormone class. Hormones are the messengers in your body. We will focus on two called and Insulin.

Ghrelin:  is your hunger hormone. It tells you when you are hungry.

Insulin: does 2 things.

  1. It stores fat (especially in the central part of your body, lovingly called / back fat or veranda’s).
  2. Helps sugar into your brain and other parts of your body for quick energy.

Ok , let’s begin.   increases your appetite and sugar cravings. How you ask?  Your body becomes stressed when you don’t get enough sleep. Ideally, we need 7-9 hours /night of uninterrupted sleep.  If we get less then that, then ghrelin increases and we eat more.

In a study done of young men who were deprived of only 2 hours of sleep , their blood levels of ghrelin were increased and they ended up eating more sweet foods.  As a result of the increase sugar in your body then insulin comes on board and we store it as belly fat.

In summary : Sleep deprivation > body feels stressed > levels of ghrelin increase > causes us to eat more sweets > then insulin levels increase > and Voila….we have more belly fat and back fat.  Pretty Amazing wouldn’t  you agree?

That is why sleep is important not only for our sanity but also to keep us from gaining weight.

Do you prioritize quality sleep?

In medical trainning, I remember we believed MD stood for Medical Diety.  As a result, we boasted about functioning without much sleep. 36 hours on hospital duty with maybe 2-5 hours of interupted sleep.  By the end of the first year of hospital training, we all had more belly and back fat.  Now it all makes sense.

What can you do to get enough quality sleep and recharge your energy levels?

1. Plan a good night sleep:

  • Go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day.
  • Have room dark and cool. Consider eye shades and ear plugs.
  • Power down 1 hour before going to sleep. Instead of drinking a wine or watching TV to calm yourself down try doing things like getting lunches ready , clothes sorted for next day. No texting, email or computer work during this time…it is too stimulating.
  • Use your bed for sleep and romancing. Hence, no book reading or TV watching in bed.
  • No food 3 hours before bed.  Eating a heavy meal before bed will disrupt your sleep.
  • No gadgets in the bedroom.
  • Remove all cellphones ,computers and TV’s  from room.  They cause poor sleep habits.

2. Naps

  • Studies indicate a nap less than 30 minutes is o.k.  It promotes wakefulness, improves learning ability, and enhances performance.

Well I have to go now and take my nap. I will be back soon for Part 2.       zzzzzz

Your friend,


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